Book Week

September 12 2011 marked a Red-letter day for the BMIS academic community as it signaled the opening of the BOOK WEEK Celebration . The students were treated to an entirely new gamut of activities like the Tongue-twister games for students and the Longest English Week game for the teachers.

The traditional Spelling Bee which was administered in the main lobby reinforced once more how our students can spell out high falutin words to the delight and amazement of the crowd.

One of the most well-attended events was the inter-year level BROADWAY EXCERPT Competition where the students re-enacted and interpreted famous scenes from the  popular musicals of all time.

The Year 3 level clinched the Championship plum with their combined ‘The Pirates and Enchanted number while the Year 1 level hit the 2nd spot with thei own interpretation of Mulan and the year 2 grabbed the 3rd place with their own version of The Lion King. The 4th place went to the Year 4 level with the Camp Rock number.

Another exciting contest was the Declamation and Impromptu Speech battles where for the first time in BMIS, the students’ acting and speaking skills were put into test. There were also booths available in the main lobby and parents and guests were also invited. Other competitions that transpired were Poetry Writing and Essay Writing .

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