Every 20th of November, the United Nations General Assembly celebrate “Universal Children’s Day” to encourage all countries to institute a day, to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children. It was also chosen as the day to celebrate childhood.

BMIS celebrated Children’s Day last 18th November 2011 with fun-filled activities and games for the Preschool children till Secondary students.

The day started with an assembly at the lobby. The children came in wearing their favourite clothes. It was extra special because they were wearing white caps the school gave as a gift for this wonderful occasion.

Ms Usha mentioned in her opening remarks “The best part of our lives is being … a Child”. And this day, she wished everyone to enjoy and have fun. The stage was a filled with special and creative cards the homeroom and subject teachers made for their homeroom class. The teachers greeted and expressed their gratefulness and their love for the children who are under their guidance.

Excitement filled the air when the ECE children and the Lower Primary students watched the magic show by Mr Ecko.

The Upper Primary students started playing at the different games booths such as  Balloon Darting, Can Knock-down, Gone-Fishing, Ring Toss, Bowling and Magic Shot. Children patiently lined up just to be able to play and have their booth cards signed by the teacher. CAS students assisted as well to make the games quick to play.

After the Magic show, the booths at the lobby like the Let’s Bead, Art is Fun, Face Painting and Tattoo were now open for everyone to engage in. Face Painting and Tattoo were the kids favourite booth as witnessed by the long queue and the children’s delighted faces covered with colourful designs painted by the teachers.

ECE children celebrated it in a different but also fun activities such as the Relay Game, Shoot the Bean Bag and Get the Balls.

Other activity booths like the Pencil decorating and Let’s Bead were filled with students, busy in making their own pencil designs and threading colourful beads.

Permata Bank let the ECE children experienced how to transact inside a bank with their simulation booth.

In the afternoon, the Secondary students had their own way to celebrate Children’s Day. Although they may not be called children anymore, but they are still young at heart as they enjoyed listening to the band and played the same booth games.

Everyone went back to their own classrooms with wonderful prizes they got from playing the games. But the most lovely prize the children received is the smiles in their faces … the enjoyment and the fun experience they had on that day.

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