Indonesia Independence Day

BMIS celebrated Indonesian Independence Day on 16 August 2011. Everyone came with red and white attires and spirit!

The program started with a flag ceremony, handled by selected Secondary and Primary students. After the ceremony, K1& K2 students performed songs of “Hari Merdeka” and “Kebyar-Kebyar”. School also acknowledged awardees for the students’ excellent achievements in CIPAT. Expatriate teachers participated in Spelling Bee Quiz. Mrs. Usha (India) , Ms Lisa (China), Mr. Steven (America) and Ms. Annabelle (The Philippines) showed their ability in spelling Indonesian words! Woww, they all were great spellers and Ms. Annabelle was the winner! Congratulations!

Indonesian Independence Day atmosphere won’t be complete without games, especially Eating Krupuk! All students from Preschool to High School put their best effort to bite the hanging krupuk. Various games took places simultaneously in the school back yard, the basket ball court, school lobby and preschool lobby.

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