BMIS Musical Production 2012 – “The Legacy”

It had been an enduring, very challenging yet gratifying effort in coming up with an idea such as the school’s musical production this school year, 2011-2012, entitled “The Legacy”.

The preparations made, required selected teachers namely Ms. Claire, Ms. Annabelle, Ms. Rowena, Ms. Vrushalee, Mr. Andrew, Mr. John Vincent and yours truly to undergo several training sessions in order to learn the different traditional dances of Indonesia.

Having taught Integrated Studies focusing on the culture of one’s country, it suddenly occurred to me to provide an activity that will enlighten our students mind regarding their culture. I was overwhelmed with the idea and I started brainstorming my students to find out how much they know regarding their own country, its culture and traditions. Having read much about Indonesia, regarding its rich culture and tradition, I was saddened that my students have little or no idea at all regarding their own country. Thus, it popped up into my mind to create a musical production regarding the very rich culture of Indonesia.

With this idea in mind, I immediately conferred with our very supportive principal, Mrs. Usha, who at once agreed and made the necessary arrangement, contacted resource persons who could assist us to make this production come to life. We have been fortunate enough to have Ibu Ien, a traditional dance teacher/instructor in SDN 01 Menteng who had unselfishly shared with us her expertise in Indonesian traditional dances. Thus, our journey began. . .

Attending dance sessions with Ibu Ien was truly enjoyable as she is a jolly person, very accommodating and equally admirable for she is a gifted dancer. She patiently instructed us on the basic steps, the movement of the head, the arms, the hands and the body for each particular dance. She mentioned that each particular dance conveys messages/contain meanings, thus it has to be followed properly. With Ibu Ien’s untiring effort and patience, we managed to learn the dances as best as we could.

The determination and hard work of all the teachers and students from pre-school to secondary paid off. The production has been successful, showcasing the terrific dancers of BMIS, our students, with their intricately made colorful costumes and accessories that gave life and added meaning to the story of their dance culture.

My heartfelt thanks goes to all – the teaching and non-teaching staff, to our wonderful and energetic students, to our ever supportive parents, the Yayasan with their helping hand and last but not the least, to our principal for continuous support in all my undertakings for the benefit of the school as a whole. This production won’t be a success without your trust and support. See you again for the next and up-coming production in the School Year 2012-2013.


Ernesto C. Juaiting Jr.

Director BMIS School Musical Production ‘12

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