Singing Our Socks Off

Bunda Mulia International School Choir is beginning this school year with a simple dream: A dream to lift our children’s young hearts and minds through excellence in choral music. Our vision is to develop in our children an awareness and appreciation of choral music from a range of times, places and cultures; Our mission is to enrich the lives of children through the power, joy and beauty of choral music.

All the Year 4 and Year 5 students auditioned for the choir last July. Today, we have 25 proud members of the choir. We practice every Tuesday afternoon under the guidance of Ms Ocha and Mr Arjun.

Singing Our Socks Off did not wait for long since its inception to join our very first choir competition. We joined a choir competition called The Joy of Choir 2013 in Mall of Indonesia Kelapa Gading which was organized by Cantata Music School Indonesia. In the first round Saturday 12 October 2013 , we sang two songs “Surat untuk Sahabat” and “Gembira Berkumpul”, both were composed by legendary Indonesian composer, late Mr AT Mahmud. We managed to clinch the third place and made it to the final round. In the final round Saturday 19 October 2013, we sang the same two songs. However, we did not do enough to secure a place in the top 3. But we kept our heads held high. We did well, we sang everyone’s socks off, and we will be back next year, a little bit taller, a little bit louder, and give it another try.

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