BMIS Language Week 2-6 September 2013

This year’s Language Week revolved around the theme: “READiscover!! One World, Many Stories”. Aside from the usual paper and pencil contests which sharpened our students’ Language skills, we incorporated their Love for Reading.

Our very able BMIS Librarian, Mr. Usaha, exerted effort to contact book publishing houses which set up book fairs with special discounts for the BMIS students and staff. He also invited Geronimo Stilton, the famous kids’ book charater to visit the school.

The Kids Publish House invited our students to write their original stories and our students didn’t fail them. Using story prompts our students came up with wonderful stories which will be published soon. They were awarded with free books, certificates and publishing rights.

The different English classes in the different Year levels came up with fun activities for the students to enjoy and learn from. Making stories and poems in Bahasa Indonesia, reciting poems in Manadarin and on top of that; Year 1 students had a Character Parade, Year 2 had their SuperHero Mania writing and speaking activties, Year 3 had their Les Miserables excerpt highlighting their love for Literature and singing, Year 4 made an original Wayang Kulit play complete with their own puppets done with Ms. Mei during their Art periods.

And Year 5 had a Scavenger Hunt where they went around asking questions(speaking and thinking) and writing down the information. Of course, no Language Week will be complete without the all-time favourite “Spelling Quiz”. Five teams with members from different year levels were formed after the rigorous classroom elimination and semi-finals rounds. This is the first time this kind of grouping was done and the process gave new insights about team work in both students and the organizers. Spelling words in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and English in different degrees of difficulty plus the students’ written and oral spelling skills were tested and they all passed with flying colours.

And last but not the least, our students learnt the meaning of compassion, sharing and empathy. Through the Book and Newspaper Drive, they have turned their trash into gold!

Students donated tons of used newspapers and the proceeds of the sale was given to Laetitia Community (BPPC LDD). This community caters to the physically-challenged individuals helping them to become useful, independent members of society.

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