Leadership camp 2014

We teach our students confidence and the value in helping others
@BMIS  Leadership Camp 2014!

Our Secondary students together with their teachers explored lifelong lessons and improved their self-confidence and independence by spending a full day of fun-filled challenging activities and experiences that promote teamwork, athletic and leadership skills organized by their teachers. Our children also have the chance to teach and guide other children.

Photographs by Jonathan (Year 10)

If I had to choose my favorite leadership camp of all of my 9 years in BMIS, it would be this year’s camp! This year we actually got to get together and know each other. The games prepared by the teachers were exciting and the whole Secondary Department had a chance to participate. I am sure most of us made new friends just like I did and especially the bonfire and barbeque party with the highschool students were extremely fun. During the bonfire, we sang along with our teachers and played charades. Though not all of us sang it was a wonderful moment for us all, with flames burning beautifully in front of our eyes and voices of the students singing, it was amazing. I am hoping for another Leadership Camp next year, and this would not have to be my favorite anymore.

By: Clara Bella

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