BMIS Choir 2014

The Resonanz sang our socks off

The concert was a jaw-dropper. We love every song and every choreography.We were engaged every single minute.

There is no adequate way to sum up our amazing experience (and it really was an experience) watching The Resonanz Children Choir Concert on Saturday 9 August 2014. The Resonanz is one of the most decorated children choirs in Indonesia, with so many great international achievements, including being the Grand Champion in the 2013 Hong Kong World Children and Youth Choir Festival. This concert was a pre-competition concert before they went to the 2014 Cantemus Choir Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

For most of Singing Our Socks Off members that day, watching a choir concert was a new experience and it turned out to be an eye-opener of what choral singing really means. We enjoyed all those different cultures and the fantastic energy that a choir concert can offer.

At the end of the concert we erupted in applause that they really deserved.

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