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    Kidpublish and BMIS Book Launch 2014

    We are very proud to congratulate our very own young writers and authors! Let us enhance our knowledge and imagination through reading! Please avail their books now!

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    International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest

    WELL DONE, MICHELLE! International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest is a Maths competition that BMIS had always done well in the previous 2 years. This year, our very own Michelle Rosemary Tjhua from Year 1, won the 2nd Place in Jakarta and 5thPlace in Indonesia. She will receive 2 medals. Michelle is the best Y1student in the category (Pre-ecolier: Y1-2).We are proud of you, Michelle!

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    Student Led Conference 2014

    Lifelong  learners and leaders! Letting students reflect on their own progress and develop oral presentation skills by letting them present their achievements to their parents and teachers. Through this process, the student and the parents develop a better understanding of how the student is doing in the classroom.

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    2013 UNSW ICAS

    This year is my 2nd year of joining the UNSW ICAS. The first one was last year when I was in Year 4. That time I joined 2 subjects which were English and Mathematics. To my joy, I received double SILVER medals, one for each of them. Mr. Roy Lo, who then had never been my teacher, said to me, “I wonder what would happen if you were to join all 5 subjects”. Those words stayed on my mind and I myself was challenged to find out. So, this year I really joined all 5 ICAS subjects namely English, Mathematics, […]

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    I had a great time in the 2013 UNSW-ICAS and my surprise was amazing-Two medals! ICAS stands for International Competitions and Assessments for Schools and is an examination that is recommended to see your progress in learning. You could get a medal if you earn enough points and beat enough others. Medals are exciting, right? No doubt. No cash prize, but medals are exciting to collect. Everyone knows that. Actually, the most important thing is to do your best, not just go. Boost this by practice-like the competitors in my school do. Practice makes perfect! I wasn’t even expecting a […]

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