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    BMIS Musical Production 2012 – “The Legacy”

    It had been an enduring, very challenging yet gratifying effort in coming up with an idea such as the school’s musical production this school year, 2011-2012, entitled “The Legacy”. The preparations made, required selected teachers namely Ms. Claire, Ms. Annabelle, Ms. Rowena, Ms. Vrushalee, Mr. Andrew, Mr. John Vincent and yours truly to undergo several training sessions in order to learn the different traditional dances of Indonesia. Having taught Integrated Studies focusing on the culture of one’s country, it suddenly occurred to me to provide an activity that will enlighten our students mind regarding their culture. I was overwhelmed with […]

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    Year 10 IGSCE Art and Design Final Work

    The Art and Design exams for Y10 ( IGSCE ) just concluded. It was a great experience for all of us at BMIS. Our students took the Paper 1 – “Obsevational and Interpretative Assignment ” and Paper 2 – “ Design Assignment ”.  Prior to submitting the final work, students complete a series of supporting work within a period of 3 months. The IGSCE Art and Design encourages the students to develop creativity, visual awareness, critical thinking skills as well as cross cultural understanding. Students are also prepared to enchance their self – confidence and enthuasiasm in producing good quality […]

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    2012 World Education Games

    We are done with The World Education Games! We got The World Education Games epidemic at Bunda Mulia International School. Here, the World Education Games fever reached dizzying heights. There was so much enthusiasm and zest! Many children are afraid of mathematics because they are not exposed to such a beautiful maths experience as the World Maths Day 2012 where our students joined children from all over the world to compete against one another in a very friendly and fun filled atmosphere. Spell.. spell.. spell.. orthography o-r-t-h-o-g-r-a-p-h-y orthography; obsequious o-b-s-e-q-u-i-o-u-s obsequious; sesquipedalian s-e-s-q-u-i-p-e-d-a-l-i-a-n sesquipedalian.. Some words have been nothing but […]

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    Enrichment Day Art & Craft Sale

    Enrichment is celebrated every year on February 14th.

    It is a whole day event, where students enjoy doing different Art & Craft activities. This year, we invited a few people from the Wayang Museum and they taught us to make puppets out of janur leaves.

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    BMIS joins JSFL 2012(U10)

    The Jakarta Schools Football League(JSFL) started in 2005.

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