Early Childhood

We have four levels in pre-school:

Playgroup (1 ½ -3 yrs. old)- where we form the foundation of learning and exploring through play that allows a child to learn in a natural and relaxed way. We allow students to construct their knowledge of the world or how it works through their own experience.

Pre-Kindergarten (2-3 yrs. old) – Students continue to explore and start expressing themselves. Speaking and listening skills are taught. Language development as well as thinking and motor skills are developed in this stage.

Kindergarten 1 (3-4yrs. old) – Building on the skills they posses and more emphasis is given to development of reading skills through our leveled reading program. Develop and nurture good social skills.

Kindergarten 2 (5-6yrs.old) – Consolidation of reading, phonics, spelling, comprehension and numeracy skills is the focus. Preparing for Primary Education. Improve on self-help skills and train to be independent. Encourage better social skills by more group work.

Standard English, Mathematics, Music, Mandarin and PE program for all levels. Theme based approach is used for better results. BMS is equipped with facilities that help our students to be the BEST in everything they do. So COME and JOIN US and meet our loving and dedicated TEACHERS and STAFF.

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