Primary School

We always try to develop and create activities that will expose our students’ potentials and gifts in different fields. In fact, we have an overwhelming line-up of school events that will surely boost their emerging talents for the entire year.Our curriculum, Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) is our major defining factor that supports our mission and vision in the Primary.

Academically, we have increased the volume of our resource books and materials. We have an excellent reading program to boast about with an escalating amount of reading books in place. Our improved facilities, academic and extra curricular programs are substantially making waves and generating positive feedbacks. All these amount to the holistic formation that we want our students to experience and achieve making them life-long and independent learners in the future. We also have specialized trainers for students we send to competitions externally.

Furthermore, as you go through our page, you’ll come across this line: “OUR GUIDANCE IS YOUR FUTURE”. It is because in Bunda Mulia International School, we tap our student’s abilities with loving care. Teachers are encouraged to faithfully nurture the students with moral and essential values which they will bring along with them as they become responsible adults. We train them to be responsive in facing their difficulties and persistent in achieving their goals. Indeed, our value-oriented curriculum is allowing students to develop certain attitudes like appreciating their achievements and learning from their failures.

When they are ready, learning happens naturally.

Extra Curricular Activities :

Home Economics (HE) Club is an after school activity that hopes to teach functional home skills to year 4 and year 5 students. These include simple food preparation, cooking, household chores, bookkeeping, sewing, and other crafts. Some of the activities we had last term include burger making, bake sale, shopping in Lawson, simple accounting, placemat and coaster Making, table setting, and basic stitching.

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